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Group Health Insurance Allen

Employee Benefits Insurance in Allen is taking a huge chunk out of business’ bottom line this year. It’s not surprising then that Texas Small Business owners say the cost of Employer Sponsored Health Insurance is a big problem. We at Diversified Benefit Services are offering some advice on ways to Trim Health Insurance Costs and avoid the high costs of the Government Health Insurance Exchange offering. It is unclear yet whether the Texas Health Insurance Exchange or US Health Insurance Exchange will be much more than an overpriced mandate with limited benefits. There is, however, Affordable Health Insurance in Texas today.....and our customers will attest to this.

You’ve made it so far with your reading so here’s the DBS Secret Sauce…
First, if you’re having issues getting Affordable Health Insurance, it really pays to use a Broker who specializes and works with all the insurance companies. “There are over 20 top-ranked Texas Health Insurance Carriers to choose from”. From years of working with Brokers conducting Benefits Administration on their behalf, we have noticed most only use a couple Carriers due to the complexity in representing them. More and more Brokers are using only those carriers who are giving promotional offerings or spiffs (basically paying off the broker under the table to use that carrier’s plans and another way to make more money on the backs of customers) – unfortunately not always with the customer’s needs in mind. This is “very” common with Property and Casualty Brokers (which includes home, auto, general liability) who ‘dabble’ in Health Insurance. Business CFO’s are now Benchmarking Healthcare Costs, and the more options you are shown, the better off your Employee Benefits Budget will look. Your Broker is there to not only present all the options, but to help narrow them down for you and determine the plan(s) that fit your needs best. In today’s times, ‘Bundling’ Health Insurance Plans can be a great tool to drive down cost. Remember that term and ask your Broker how familiar they are with those plans. If they seem timid about the topic, start shopping until you do. DBS is Bundling almost all of our Group Health Insurance Plans to save clients large dollars on premiums, to the tune of thousands monthly. It’s a technique we absolutely love and one reason we’re closing over 98% of everything we touch. A good question to ask yourself: Is my business closing ratio against my competition almost 100%? What could I do to get that? Who gets to have such a thing that increases revenue consistently 35% per year? Well to be honest, we’ve been doing it for many years and we’re confident our P&C friends could care less. That’s why we’re spelling it out here today for all to see.

Second, the best way to trim costs is to be open to new ideas. There’s a lot of money to be saved if companies are willing to look at changing Health Insurance Plans or Carriers. “Because of annual increases, it can be costly to keep the same Benefits Plan or Carrier year after year”. DBS recommends that employers shop around once a year, so they know what the competitive rates are. Even if companies don’t make a change, at least they know what the market looks like for their Healthcare P&L Analysis. There’s a huge rubber stamp mentality out there on rolling over Employee Insurance Plans and Health Premium Increases.

Third, you can get better participation when you offer your employees more than one plan – a Dual Option Insurance Plan arrangement is very effective. This is what’s called ‘Base’ and ‘Buy-up’ Plans. The ‘Base’ Plan would be a High-Deductible Insurance Plan that would offer what the employees want such as Office Co-Pays, Prescription Co-Pays, etc. to help their everyday needs, but it is also the lowest cost. This is also a plan where the Employer pays their “Minimum 50% Insurance Premium Contribution”. Pair that with a Lower Deductible Insurance Plan or ‘a Buy-up’ Plan, where employees are able to pay the difference, all-the-while it doesn’t change the company’s cost. This arrangement works very well for Small Texas Employers. This allows companies to give employees what they are looking for, but keeps the cost down for everyone. This is also one way to keep participation numbers up to “Meet Insurance Carrier’s Minimum Requirements”.

In a nutshell, balancing Employee and Employer Contributions, Insurance Participation Requirements, Quality Insurance Coverage and Texas Physicians Networks is truly an art. DBS has the expertise, along with the knowledge, to help clients secure Top Insurance Plans while saving them money.

In closing, with the President Obama Insurance Plans about to rip through our Texas Small Businesses, it’s time we at DBS show the world how easy it can really be. To this topic, please, please take the time to be informed on these issues. The sound bites of doom and gloom coming from Washington are not what our clients are seeing. We are working hard to provide more information via RSS Feeds on this topic on our website. Please come back and visit often as the content will update almost daily and new information about your Healthcare Concerns will be posted by those who know it best. We have partnered with National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) and Texas Association of Health Underwriters (TAHU) to bring you local and national prospectuses on these topics without the political rhetoric. As always, we are earnestly trying to provide quality content and useful information to our readers and clients. We thank you for taking the time to review our opinions on these matters and wish you much success in the future. Best Regards, Team DBS…

Diversified Benefit Services has been working within Human Resources as it relates to daily operations for over 25 years. This experience is very unusual for a Health Insurance Brokerage Firm and allows us to see your environment like a Benefits Consultant. Our perspective is one from a “consultative point of view”, not just selling something people will buy (we jokingly call that snake oil sales). DBS has many diverse customers all over Texas. Such clients are in Trades, Manufacturing, Financial, Medical, Professional Services, Technical Sales and much more. Our customers range from Small To Medium Sized Companies as well as working with Individuals and Families for Health Insurance. Whether creating Benefits Plans for 2 or 1000 employees, experience has shown accurate easy-to-comprehend communications, coupled with timely answers, is a top priority. DBS specializes in Fully Insured Plans, Self-Insured Plans, along with Supplemental Insurance Plans and we work with all the Major Texas Insurance Carriers. DBS is known for creating very unique and Affordable Insurance Programs along with Customized Employee Benefits Statements to meet each client’s needs. Unlike many brokers who farm this out, DBS conducts this service in-house along with superior Employee Benefits Communications. For more information on any of our service offerings, please call (800) 659-1402 to speak with a plan specialist or email

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